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WASHING MACHINE & DRYER REPAIR SERVICE - Get fixed your appliance in fair price. 

To maintain a low repair prices we use good quality original refurbished parts (This doesn't concern the replacement of the drum bearings - in this case we use only brand new bearings and oil seals). We can also use the new parts for any repair at your request, but in this case repair price will increase by the difference in the purchase price of parts. However, remember that in the case of older appliances, some new parts may no longer produced by the manufacturer.

If we find any additional faults in your appliance making repair impossible to carry out and/or lack of availability of new or refurbished spare parts, repair may be interrupted - in this case you will not pay anything. "No repair - No any fee."

What happens if the price go up during the repair due to additional faults in your appliance?
In this case you will be informed immediately and then you can decide if you want to continue repairing. If you resign from repair you do not pay anything. "No repair - No any fee."

Where are the repairs performed?
1) At your home or company - for simple repairs.
2) In our station - for advanced repairs. In this case we will collect your appliance and deliver to you without any additional fees.

What's the realisation time?
1) At your home or company - on site at a given date and time without delays as we have 2000+ parts in stock. In the absence of available parts, the appointment will take place after the purchase of parts (2 business days).
2) In our station - within 1-2 business days if we have the necessary parts in stock or 2 - 4 business days if we don't have parts, and
it need to be ordered.

What we do for you always during any repair?
1) Clean your machine inside (from fluff and dirt).
2) Do report from condition other parts.
3) Check properly repaired element/s and functioning your machine.

For all repairs you receive 6 months guarantee.